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White Chocolate Raspberry Bliss

by Mike on January 18, 2010 in Coffee Reviews

The Drink: White Chocolate Raspberry Bliss from JarBee Coffee
Type: Ground Flavored Coffee
Overall Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Coffee Cups.

I’m very fortunate, my mailbox often smells like coffee. However, last week there was a box that really got my attention from JarBee Coffee. Inside of it was an aroma sampler of their White Chocolate Raspberry Bliss and it made my whole mailbox smell delicious.

When it came time to start reviewing the coffees that JarBee Coffee sent me, there was no question what I was going to start with.I had chocolate-raspberry cravings that I needed to satisfy.

The same raspberry aroma wasted no time filling my kitchen as the coffee was brewing. It made my kitchen smell like I was baking a raspberry pie.

When I poured a cup, a sweet, sugary raspberry scent dominated the aroma. I’m telling you, it smelled like fresh raspberries were in front of me. Mixed in was a light hint of chocolate. Overall, a delicious aroma.

There coffee wasn’t just one taste, there layers of flavors. At the top was a light-sweet raspberry taste. Underneath that was a mild chocolate taste. A rich, nutty taste blended in, providing the base. Throughout it all, it there were trickles of raspberry syrup flowing down the sides of my tongue. If you couldn’t tell it, I liked it.

The after taste was fruity, lingering on my tongue until the next sip.

Overall, exceptionally smooth with zero bitterness.

If you don’t like flavored coffees, this is a coffee that you’re not going to like. The scent and the flavor was almost overwhelming. However, if you’re like me and like flavored coffees, I suggest you give this one a shot.

White Chocolate Raspberry Bliss earned a 3.5, a well above average ratings and I’d go as far as to say it was one of the best flavored coffees that I’ve tried recently.

If you like flavored coffees, I recommend checking out their website. They might have the most flavored coffees that I’ve seen on one site. If you don’t like flavored coffees, don’t worry the next coffee I review from them will be for you.


Ethiopian Harrar Review

by Mike on March 8, 2010 in Coffee Reviews

The Drink: Ethiopian Harrar From JarBee Coffee
Type: Ground
Overall Rating: 3.75 Out Of 5 Coffee Mugs

I had high expectations for the Ethiopian Harrar from JarBee Coffee. Some of the best coffees that I’ve tasted in the last year have been from Ethiopia. There was the Rocketfuel XXX which contained Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and earned a well above average four out of five on the Daily Shot Of Coffee scale. Then there was the Harrar from Barista On Duty that had a complex taste and explosion of fruit that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. So the bar was set high and I was ready to dive right in and give the JarBee Coffee a try.

This coffee stood out with a nutty aroma, mixed with a dark red wine flavor. Then there was a layer of a milk chocolate scent that reminded me of a gourmet candy bar. It got my attention and I couldn’t wait for the first sip.

The first sip was almost like a chocolate candy bar covered with dark cherry syrup. It was almost as good as the bacon dipped in chocolate that I had last weekend at the local strawberry festival.

That rush of flavor was followed up by a more serious nutty flavor that became slightly bitter in the after taste. There was a lingering cherry taste, that didn’t want to disappear.

The light roast brought out all of the flavors almost perfectly. If you like flavorful light roasts, this is the perfect coffee for you. If you’re more a fan of dark roasts, I’d stay far away from it.

For those that are curious, this one had a light weight to it.

Overall, it earned a 3.75 on the Daily Shot Of Coffee scale. The coffee was good, one of the best ground coffees that I’ve ever tried, but it wasn’t great like some of the other coffees that I’ve had from Ethiopia. Soon, I’ll have to go out and try the whole bean version.

Right now, JarBee Coffee has free shipping on a half pound bag. A bag of ground or whole beans will cost you only $6.95.

Have you tried JarBee’s Ethiopian Harrar?


Breakfast Blend Review

by Mike on April 12, 2010 in Coffee Reviews

The Drink: Breakfast Blend from JarBee Coffee
Type: Ground Light And Dark Roast Blend
Overall Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Coffee Mugs

Sometimes breakfast doesn’t have to be in the morning, some of the best breakfasts are enjoyed after five p.m. The Breakfast Blend from JarBee Coffee turned out to be a coffee that would go great with breakfast anytime of the day.

Their description:

This blend is one of our most popular morning brews and is ideal for those seeking a delicious balance in their coffee. It will neither overpower nor underwhelm your palate and is perfect for any time of day and any time of the year. Light-bodied, light-roasted with the perfect balance of dark roast added. Sure to perk up even the grayest of mornings!

The Breakfast Blend got my attention with the rich smelling aroma, that was filled with a nutty flavor and had hints of chocolate and a tiny infusion of cinnamon.

I liked the taste right away. It was a bold, but not overwhelming taste. It’s what made me think that it was perfect for breakfast or in the evening. The dark roast dominates the flavor with a near perfect balance. It isn’t burnt tasting, instead it has a cigar like flavor, mixed in with a layer of light roast taste.

In case you were curious, the coffee had a medium body to it, when I made it was my drip coffee maker.

I would’ve liked to try this coffee as a whole bean, but the Breakfast Blend might be my favorite non-flavored coffee that I’ve tried from JarBee yet. It earned an above average 3.5 on the Daily Shot Of Coffee scale.

You can try it for yourself via the Jarbee Coffee website. A half pound of it whole or ground costs $6.95 and comes with free shipping.

Caramel Crazy From Review

by Mike on April 23, 2010 in Coffee Reviews

The Drink: Caramel Crazy From JarBee Coffee
Type: Flavored Ground
Overall Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Coffee Cups

This morning, I’m getting crazy with Caramel Crazy from JarBee Coffee. I have a weakness for anything caramel, whether it’s candy or caramel syrup on ice cream, so I couldn’t wait to try this flavored coffee.

The caramel flavored flowed out of my kitchen as this coffee brewed. A few minutes later, the aroma coming from my coffee cup was a delicious caramel like the piece of freshly made caramel candy that I was suddenly craving.

The taste satisfied my caramel craving for at least a short time. It was a rich, mouth watering caramel flavor on top of a medium roast nutty flavor.

A darker roast flavor filled the after taste, along with a weak sour flavor, which is about the only thing that I didn’t like about this coffee.

This coffee had a light body when I made it with my drip coffee maker.

A half pound bag of whole beans or ground will cost you $6.95. Right now Jarbee Coffee has free shipping on this and select other coffees.

Overall, this coffee earned an above average 3.5 on the Daily Shot Of Coffee scale. If you like caramel or flavored coffees, this is a must try.

Now, I’m on my way to find some caramel candy.


Colombian Supremo Review

by Mike on February 4, 2010 in Coffee Reviews

The Drink: Colombian Supremo From Jarbee Coffee
Type: Ground
Overall Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Coffee Mugs

After a long day at work, topped off by a brain numbing commute full of bumper to bumper traffic, I needed a coffee that would wake me up tonight. Luckily, Colombian Supremo from Jarbee Coffee gave me the jolt of caffeine that I needed and gave my taste buds a pleasant treat.

Colombian Supremo makes up for some of the lackluster Colombian coffees that I’ve in the past that were made up with blends of miscellaneous coffee beans. According to the bag, this Colombian coffee is made of the highest grade Colombian coffee beans, hand picked from the mountains in the Bucaramanga region and the difference is obvious.

The Colombian Supremo had a warm and inviting aroma. It smelled of spices mixed with a sweet honey aroma. Underneath there hints of chocolate. It all combined to make a delicious smelling coffee and I couldn’t wait for it cool down so that I start to enjoy the taste.

It had a bold taste and that’s what woke me up. It had a strong nutty taste, mixed with hints of a dark roast. It was unique flavor, that kept evolving in my mouth.

There were a couple drops of bitterness, but I think overall it just added uniqueness of this coffee.

It was followed up by a smooth, nutty flavor of an after taste that didn’t want to quit.

The body of the coffee was thick and very heavy feeling on my tongue.

It’s the type of coffee that my dad would love. He loves coffee that’s strong enough to put hair on you chest.

At $6.95 for half a pound (and free shipping for Daily Shot Of Coffee readers), it would make a good every day coffee for someone looking for a coffee to wake them up in the morning, or in my case after a long day in the rat race.

I’m not always a fan of Colombian coffees, but this one makes me want to try more now. Overall, an above average 3.5 out of 5 rating.


New Morning Blend Review

by Mike on May 14, 2010 in Coffee Reviews

The Drink: New Morning Blend from JarBee Coffee
Type: Medium-Dark Blend Ground
Overall Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Coffee Mugs

This morning I woke up with New Morning Blend from JarBee Coffee. It’s definitely not a bad way to wake up.

They describe it as distinctive blends of medium and dark roasted beans create a full bodied blend with a smooth finish.

An eye opening aroma steamed from my cup. It had a chocolate scent with a mix of a medium roast flavor. I also picked up on a hint of honey.

The aroma got my attention, but it was the taste that won me over with this coffee. It had a medium-dark roast flavor with just hints of chocolate, honey and nuts. In the after taste, it was slightly more darker and nuttier.

The sip was exceptionally smooth and had a medium body when I made it with my drip coffee maker.

A half pound bag of New Morning Blend will run you $8.25. On a related note, JarBee Coffee has free shipping on all of their half pound bags of flavored coffee and blends.

It did come pre-ground and I felt like it was lacking a little bit of fresh flavor because of that. I’d recommend buying the whole bean version, but overall, New Morning Blend was very easy to drink. It earned an above average score of 3.5 on the Daily Shot Of Coffee scale.


Jamaican Me Crazy Review

by Mike on March 26, 2010 in Coffee Reviews

The Drink: Jamaican Me Crazy From JarBee Coffee
Type: Flavored Ground
Overall Rating: 3.25 Out Of 5 Coffee Mugs

Time to get all crazy! Last night, I sample a bag of Jamaican Me Crazy from JarBee Coffee.

Before I ripped open the bag of Jamaican Me Crazy, I innocently assumed that it was a regular coffee. However, you know what happens when you assume. From the moment I opened up the bag and took one whiff from the bag, it was clear that this was a flavored coffee that was going to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Before I went any further, I read their description.

Our Jamaican Me Crazy Flavored Coffee is created with the richest, sweetest essence of the darkest Jamaican island rums and only the finest Mexican liqueurs. Combine this with a spoonful of caramel, a swirl of vanilla, a touch of Kahlua and a few of our Roastmaster’s secret ingredients and you have a can’t miss flavored coffee! JarBee’s Jamaican Me Crazy is a dreamy brew that is both flavorful & aromatic.

The aroma is dominated by a mouth watering vanilla flavor, with a cinnamon perk at the end of the taste. There was also a hint of something spicy that I just couldn’t label.

Vanilla dominated the flavor the flavor too. A medium roast flavor came out on the tail end of the sip. There were hints of caramel and the Kahlua that was mentioned in the description and satisfied my sweet tooth. There was a nutty after taste that completed the sip. There was no question that it was a flavored coffee, but that was blended perfectly with a more serious coffee taste.

It felt light in the acidity department, but it could’ve been because it’s the pre-ground version. I’d recommend their whole bean version to anyone wanting to try it out.

The coffee was smooth and had a medium body.

If you like flavored coffees, this one is worth trying. If you’re looking for a serious non-flavored coffee, I’d avoid this one. Overall, I liked this coffee and it earned a slightly above average 3.25 rating on the Daily Shot Of Coffee scale.

Posted by Brian Bychowski on August 10, 2010.

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