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100% Authentic

Colombian Coffee Beans are grown at high altitudes and are tended with painstaking care in the shade of banana and rubber trees. This premium coffee is among the best in the world, rich, full-bodied, and perfectly balanced. Coffee Arabica, more commonly known as the Arabica bean, preferring higher altitudes and drier climates. Therefore, the arid mountains and the well-drained, rich volcanic soil of Colombia provide ideal conditions for growing high quality coffee. 

Honesty, tolerance, respect, commitment, solidarity, tenacity and optimism are among the qualities that make 100% authentic coffee growers what they are.  Here at JarBee Coffee we take great pride in working in conjunction with our coffee growers to ensure that we receive only the highest quality coffee beans.  Because we ensure that extra effort and dedication have gone into the production of every bean of coffee that we purchase is the reason we are at the top of the industry . We proudly roast the richest coffee in the world.

There are two main regions of coffee production in Colombia: Medillín, Armenia, and Manizales (MAM) in the central region and Bogotá and Bucaramanga in the eastern mountainous region.  We import our Colombian Coffee from the Bucaramanga region.  The Bucaramanga Region in Colombian produces a milder, often heavier body and rich in flavor bean, often reminiscent of Sumatran coffee .

Any discussion on Colombian Coffee would not be complete without mentioning the wildly successful marketing campaign created by the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers in 1959. They introduced the world to the friendly and affable Juan Valdez. Though a fictitious character, the poncho clad, sombrero wearing Juan Valdez gave a face to the humble coffee picker and created a mystique and aura of romance that still survives today. 

JarBee Coffee is proud to offer the finest coffee from around the world, roasted fresh daily.  All of our premium gourmet coffee blends and flavored coffees are available in whole bean or ground to fit your preference.  With low shipping rates and also our coffee club (auto ship) program, we can make sure you enjoy the best coffee around! 

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