Coffee Blending

A good roaster must be part artist, part scientist to maintain quality and consistency. It is during the roasting process that the bean will become caramelized, creating a substance which is known as the coffee oil. Technically, this fragile chemical is not actually oil, since it is water soluble, but it is what gives the coffee its flavor and aroma. At JarBee Coffee, we obtain the highest quality coffee beans.  The most important phase of the production of gourmet coffee begins with he roasting and finished with our Roastmaster's signature touches in the blending process. A lightly roasted bean may range in color from cinnamon to a light chocolate tan. Lighter roasts are generally not used for espresso since they produce a sharper, more acidic taste than do darker roasts.  Darker roasts, in contrast, have a fuller flavor approaching a bittersweet twist.

Coffees from different origins are blended together for several reasons. The goal of gourmet blending is to make a coffee that is higher in cup quality than any one single origin coffee.  With over 100 different coffee varietals each having different characteristics, proper blending is essential in creating the utmost gourmet taste.  Since different varietals need to be roasted at different temperatures to achieve the best result, the blending should occur after the roasting process.  This process takes more time, care and patience but is well worth the end results.  

We are confident that you will find all of our Gourmet Coffee Blends to well exceed your expectations!

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