Coffee Characteristics


 The pleasing smell sensation which comes from freshly brewed coffee; described as ranging from fruity to herby.


The sense of heaviness or richness (mouthfeel and texture at the back of the tongue. Body describes the depth of flavour, often in terms such as "rough" or "water". This should be a strong, full, pleasant characteristic.


The all-encompassing coffee term and includes the impressions of acidity, aroma, and body. It is also used to convey any specific taste that is present in the coffee, such as "nutty", "spicy", or "musty".             


Describes coffee with a pleasant sharpness, snap, and liveliness. While a coffee low in acidity can result in a pleasant-tasting "mellow" or "soft" cup of coffee, the complete lack of acidity will leave the coffee tasting flat, or "dead".

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