Elena's Reviews

This page includes brief descriptions from our #1 employee (and Brian's 8 year old daughter) Elena.  Elena has taken on the task of providing short and enticing descriptions of some of our favorite JarBee Coffees.

Sticky Buns Coffee
JarBee Sticky Buns coffee is so amazing & creamy. Even if this is not the daily special, you need to get Sticky Bun's coffee. You will like it so much you will do your happy dance!!!!!!!!!!

Peanut Butter Cup Coffee - JarBee Coffee
JarBee Peanut Butter Cup Coffee is so tasty and delightful! You will absolutely love it!

Almond Toffee Crunch Coffee - JarBee Coffee
JarBee Almond Toffee Crunch Coffee is so amazing, tasty and delightful! Please, please, please get JarBee Almond Toffee Crunch Coffee!

White Chocolate Raspberry Bliss
White Chocolate Raspberry Bliss is so delightful and tasty!  When you taste White Chocolate Raspberry Bliss you will explode with happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You need to get JarBee White Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Coffee.

Blueberry Cream Flavored Coffee - JarBee Coffee
Blueberry Flavored Coffee from JarBee Coffee is so delightful, tasty, amazing and fruity. That is why you have to get JarBee Blueberry Coffee!!!!!

Fiesta Fudge Flavored Coffee
Fiesta Fudge is a great party coffee so let the good times roll.   When you drink JarBee Fiesta Fudge coffee it is like Cinco De Mayo any day of the year.   When you drink fiesta Fudge coffee you will fall in love!!

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