JarBee Coffee Club

Each bi-monthly selection includes two one pound bags (or more if you like: XL Club) and shipping is included with your purchase.  Available in either ground or whole bean, this is a great way to make sure you are getting the best coffee in your cup every morning, without the hassle of going to the grocery store or having to manually place your orders.   


Why do we ship every other month instead of monthly?  We want to make sure that we are sending you only as much coffee as you need and we have found through customer surveys that receiving coffee every month sometimes feels overwhelming. Also shipping every other month helps reduce the price to you since the overall shipping expense to us is less.  


No long term commitments required!  Feel like your getting too much coffee or not enough?  Feel like changing your selections from our Gourmet Blends to Flavored Coffee?  Feel free to change whatever you would like, just make sure to contact us by the 15th of the month and we'll make the changes.  All orders ship at the beginning of each month and your credit card will be charged once each month.  Any questions, to upgrade, change an order or to opt out of the JarBee Coffee Club, just contact us.

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