Secrets to the Perfect Cup


The best coffee starts with fresh roasted coffee. We roast and ship JarBee Coffee fresh daily so you receive the best tasting, freshest coffee possible. It is best to order your favorite coffee in reasonable quantities to insure that you will always have fresh coffee on hand. Once exposed to oxygen, coffee starts to age. Oxygen will speed up the aging process that will rob your coffee of it’s fresh flavor. Whole bean coffee lasts much longer than ground coffee, so we recommend that you grind your beans right before you brew your coffee. JarBee Coffee offers low rate shipping, so you are best to order more often instead of stock piling your favorite flavor or blend. Freshness counts, you will taste the difference.


Water is an important ingredient in coffee since it makes up about 98% of the cup. The taste of water will affect the taste of your coffee. If your water source is less than desirable, you may want to consider a water filter or using bottled water. Please follow all steps in maintaining your brewer. Make sure your brewer is heated properly, usually around 200 degrees before brewing the coffee.


The correct grind is specific to your brewing method. The fineness of the grind and the fineness of the filter should be paired so that the grinds stay in the filter basket and the flavor goes into the coffee. The coffee should not be ground so fine that it goes into the coffee, or so large that it clogs up the filter and extends brewing times.

French Press ~ Course Grind
Drip ~ Medium Grind
Espresso ~ Fine Grind


We recommend 2.5 oz. of JarBee Coffee per 64 oz. of water as a starting point. Everybody likes their coffee a little bit different, so adjust by more or less coffee to find the exact amount that is right for you.

Serving Time:

Because you always want to serve fresh coffee, we recommend the following hold times:

Glass Carafe on Burner ~ 15-20 Min.

Satellite on Warmer ~ 30-60 Min.

Airport/Thermal Server ~ 60-90 Min.

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