Tazo Decaf Chai Tea

Tazo Decaf Chai Tea

Now even if you want decaf, you can enjoy one of the world's most desired teas. Decaffeinated Tazo Chai is a sensual blend of exotic spices and rich black teas that have been relieved of their caffeine. This 20-count box of tea teabags is naturally decaffeinated under the watchful eye of a Tazo tea shaman. The leaves first surrender their native caffeine, and then joyously mingle with African rooibos, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom to create a hearty potion which can dance on the tongue all night long. Sweeten and serve with milk. Tazo decaffeinated Chai bags are perfect to take to work or to take with you on your travels. Now you don't ever have to be without an exciting cup of Tazo decaf chai, a true celebration of the senses.

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