High Price, Not Always Better Blend!

According to Consumer Reports, name means nothing when it comes to high
priced coffee blends. During their test of some very well known coffee
blends, they found that none received the rating of “Excellent” while most
only hit “Good”. Their summation, according to Yahoo News included, “The
publication (Consumer Reports) advised coffee drinkers not to count on
familiar brand names or expensive price tags, noting that the cost doesn’t
accurately reflect the cost per cup due to varying grind densities, and
recommended ratios of coffee to water.”

We take that as a compliment at JarBee Coffee as we maintain a true low
cost per cup value on our coffee which has been awarded national honors in
past reviews. With JarBee, their is no smoke and mirrors, just great
roasters producing above average products at a reasonable price.

Try our blends today and see for yourself!

Posted by Brian Bychowski on February 03, 2010.

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