Blog About Coffee Review recently did a review on the JarBee House Blend whole bean coffee.  Here is what they had  to say.

JarBee coffee house blend review 

Today I decided to take a minute and review a new,unfamiliar to us brand.

 A several days ago I received an email from one of our friends , owner of “JarBee Coffee” Greg Jarr where he asked us to review one of the brands manufactured by his company. Being passionate about the coffee we couldn’t pass on the idea of sampling something new so I agreed.

 The sample was shipped very quickly and arrived in a nicely packaged container. Greg sent us one of his popular Columbia coffee beans called “JarBee House Blend” which could also be described as “one of the roastmaster’s favorite blends!” It’s actually a mix of three different roasts of Colombian Supremo. The plastic bag was airtight with vacuum seal to preserve the flavor. That’s an extra touch not all roasters follow.

The package was picked up in the afternoon so there were only two folks in the office.

Next morning when I arrived the coffee sampling was first on things to do list.

We ground three batches Coarse , Medium and Fine (which we anonymously preferred) but first things first.

Each batch was split in two smaller batches for two different ways to sample. We tried coarse in conventional coffe maker which most people seems to prefer due to simplicity and ease of maintenance and clean up. Coarse batch produced dark brown drink with very distinctive Colombian bitterness and sweetness in it’s taste . All of us here are used to green mountain coffee immediately noticed a new , pleasantly sweet scent in the air and gathered up for a sample. And everyone (almost every one) got to try first batch. To be as versatile and common as they get some of us had it with milk, others had it with just sugar and I had it black.

 The same procedure was followed with coarse and fine grind . Then , as someone suggested we used as some refer to it as she referred to it as “Turkish style” to prepare the tasty treat where coffee is boiled in a small pot.Once it’s boiling and ‘rising’ a drop or two of cold water is added and coffee is immediately served. This time each one of us tried it differently . I personally had it with sugar.

After a good hour and half of this joyful sampling everyone was begging for more. What a wonderful way to start a day!

 Here is what we came up with : The optimal way to prepare this wonderful coffee is to have it ground in a fine powder and use one of your favorite methods of preparing it. In the very first sample someone complained that way too much flavor was ‘going down the drain’ referring to a big particles of beans that were left on the filter.

 The ‘Medium’ way of grinding could be favored by some but personally I prefer the fine texture of ground beans.If you prefer to cook coffee on the stove as we did with the second batch you might find a coarse ground texture is more preferred to the fine one for the ease of separation and/or filtration.

 As a nice addition to the sample pack I also found a smaler packet of “Chocolate Peanut Butter” brand that Gregg sent us to samle. It was a yummy treat that was enjoyed by only few

Over all “JarBee”  is a great brand which offers the finest coffee from around the world, roasted fresh. All of their premium gourmet coffee blends and flavors are available in whole bean or ground to fit your preference. To begin, they purchase only the highest grade Arabica coffee beans available. Prior to purchasing, guys from JarBee sample or “cup” the coffees to be sure they contain no defects, odd tastes or aromas, and to be sure they are the fine quality our customers are looking for.

The shipping was extremely fast and I am not aware of any bogus ‘handling’ charges that some companies use at a times . The attention to the detail and neatness of packaging deserve to be recognized.The coffee is roasted and shipped daily so you are always guaranteed to get a fresh wondrful coffee.Last but not least the coffee is roasted and packaged in U.S.A.

I urge you to try and see for yourself just how great this coffee is . We got a special promotion in place just for readers of our blog. Go to, place an order!

Posted by Brian Bychowski on August 19, 2010.

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