JarBee House Blend – a smooth mix of three different roasts of Colombian coffee.

First, thank you to JarBee for sending us this coffee (and the bonus sampler pack!).

If you like a smooth, mild coffee, you’ll love this one.

As is our custom, we opened the bag and ground some beans immediately before brewing. Then we left the brew to cool a few minutes before tasting.

This is a blend of three Colombian coffees, including Colombian Supremo, so we expected a fairly mild coffee, without any harsh edges.

And we weren’t disappointed. This House Blend has a pretty even, mellow taste profile, from the first sip to the final aftertaste.

But it is by no means bland. Although the taste remains fairly even, there is a pleasant hint of bitterness, and a touch of citrus at the end.

(What do we mean by “remains even” and “at the end”? There is a timeline within the few seconds the coffee remains in your mouth. What you get from the first second is often not the exact same taste you’ll get towards the end. In particular, the aftertaste, once you have swallowed the coffee, can sometimes be quite unexpected.)

So while this coffee is fairly even, and delightfully mellow, it is not ordinary by any means...because you do get some pleasant changes in the flavor during the course of tasting.

We think the JarBee roasters have done a fine job with this blend.

This isn’t a “kick-in-the-head” wake-up coffee for the dark roast, strong coffee fiends among us, but it is a very pleasant and tasty brew – and suitable for breakfast, after dinner or any time in between.

You can learn more about the JarBee House Blend at JarBee Coffee.

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Posted by Brian Bychowski on August 23, 2010.

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