Medium Dark Roast Coffee

Due to the popularity of this degree of roast in the specialty coffee industry it is known by a variety of names. The most common names are Full City, European, Dutch, Medium High, Viennese, Continental, and Espresso Roast. Acidity begins to diminish and the caramelized sugars take on a bittersweet flavor reminiscent of dark chocolate. Small droplets of oil form on the surface of the bean once this level is reached.

  • eCoffee Blend
    eCoffee Blend

    This coffee is, in the opinion of our roastmaster, one of the finest blends we have ever...

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  • Colombian Supremo Decaf Coffee
    Colombian Supremo Decaf Coffee

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  • After Dinner Coffee Blend
    After Dinner Coffee Blend

    After eating a full meal, your concentration starts to drop as your body focuses more on digestion....

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  • Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
    Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

    Sumatra Mandheling coffee has a syrupy body with hints of chocolate and brown sugar. It is well-known...

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  • NonStop Dancing Payment
    NonStop Dancing Payment

    Payment for invoice 67132

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  • Decaf Gourmet Coffee House Blend
    Decaf Gourmet Coffee House Blend

    Where there's an office, there is the everyday hustle and bustle of activity. And where there's bustling...

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