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 JarBee Coffee Office CoffeeResponding to several customer requests, you can now serve our amazingly smooth, JarBee Coffee in your diner, restaurant, convenient store, or even your office break room!  We have had countless JarBee Coffee lovers ask how they can get their favorite flavors and blends in their local areas and we have answered with an economical option.

 The JarBee Coffee Portion Packs are pre-measured 2oz  packs to insure the perfect amount of our premium ground coffee goes into each pot you brew.  Plus, with multiple people making the coffee, our Portion Packs provide a sanitary alternative to the larger 5 pound bags.  These individual Portion Packs are simple to order and and easy to brew (no grinding or measuring!) and are available in ALL of our 130 flavored coffees and several of our coffee blends and our coffees from around the world.  Please contact us to place your order or to find out if your favorite blend or varietal is available.

Here are the details:

  • (1) JarBee Coffee Portion Packs makes:
    • (1) 64 oz. Glass Pot Brewer
  • 40 Portion Packs / Case
    • Wholesale Pricing: $79.95 / Case - ($1.99 / Portion Pack)

    To order, e-mail us at

    If you have questions, feel free to contact us for more help.

    ALL Flavored Coffee is available in Portion Packs:  CLICK HERE to find your favorite flavor!

    Contact Us for pricing and availability on Coffee Blends or Coffees from Around the World.

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