Decaf Gourmet Coffee House Blend

Decaf Gourmet Coffee House Blend
Where there's an office, there is the everyday hustle and bustle of activity. And where there's bustling activity, there is coffee.  Get your coffee pots freshly brewing this decaf blend of Central and South American coffees and espresso. It is truly a splendid all day coffee. This brew is balanced, rich in taste, and possesses an invigorating aroma, that we all love.

Just the smell of the coffee cup in my hands this morning was enough to awaken all my senses. As I continue through my morning work and finish my last sip, I am already looking forward to my after lunch, early afternoon cup of Gourmet Coffee House Blend. Forget the, 4:00 when is it going to be 5:00? blues! Late in the afternoon, I know my favorite decaf coffee blend awaits me one more time.

Some of the most popular coffee beans originate from Central America. Some of the world's largest coffees producers find their home in South America. Pair those two splendors with espresso, and you__ve got quite a fantastic brew! (We would know!).  You, too, can delight in this fine coffee all day, any time of day. It's perfect to enjoy all day without the worry of too much caffeine, and for you, it's only a click away!

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